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Our Vision & Mission

ZaCanna’s Vision is to become the world leader in creating the most desired CBD products of all beneficial categories. Bridging the knowledge gap between proven CBD benefits and misinformed concepts. We are fully invested in its therapeutic effects and its benefits to optimize health.

Our Mission is to create a Trusted brand that customers value. We aim to consistently produce the best CBD products whilst partnering with local farmers in Africa, therefore empowering local communities and building a future for the continent that will allow farmers to leverage existing skills and apply to a much more sustainable crop, both financially and environmentally.

Our Directors

Our associated partners in this first product venture have licences to grow Hemp (“Cannabis Sativa”) from which the CBD is extracted and purified in their accredited-laboratories, without inclusion of any THC (“Tetrahydrocannabinol” – the “psychoactive” element in a drug), with flawless contract packaging abilities due to state-of-the-art cigarette manufacturing facilities capable of producing 12,000 cigarettes per minute.

Our senior personnel have over 30 years of recognised and established expertise and proven track records in brand-building and international brand marketing in over 50 major countries.

Herbal Recipe

  • Herbal solutions have been around for centuries
  • Herbs are hear to stay
  • Vegan friendly
  • Herbs for life is a choice
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Provides Vitamin C


  • CBD – Positive Life effects
  • Supporting long-term benefits
  • Ω You decide do your research
  • Relaxation promotion


We are the first company in the world to grow, produce and market CBD HERBAL CIGARETTES, with ZERO tobacco, ZERO nicotine and ZERO THC. Our products are sold on an international level and we aim to later, as laws change, to introduce THC blend.

Business Profile (Why Invest)

ZaCanna Products of the United Kingdom aims to become the world leader in creating the most desirable CBD (Cannabidiol) products of all beneficial categories. The Company has clear plans for a global “roll out” of such products in over 40 countries, aiming at a global consumer market of initially 50 million and growing to over 1 Billion people.

The very first product has been developed for smokers and non-smokers, in the form of pure herbal cigarettes with 99.9% pure CBD isolate infusion into the herbs – a secret recipe of which was developed using 2,000 year old recipes of widely-consumed herbal mixes traditionally thought to provide consumers with untold benefits.

The cigarettes do not contain any tobacco or nicotine but still give the smoker/consumer the calmative pleasures associated with smoking cigarettes, without the traditional dangers associated with tobacco, but rather with the added associated benefits of CBD.

For more information with regards to Investment, please contact us on: [email protected]



Committed to the well-being of our customers 
Internationally recognized & trusted √ 
Licensed & Regulated by the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) √ 
Premium full- spectrum CBD products at affordable prices 
National Analytical Forensic Services certifications √ 

About ZaCanna

ZaCanna is a partnership that brings together experts in the areas of tissue culture, commercial agriculture and regulatory compliance, using the best cultivators and process for manufacturing premium hemp and cannabis products. We at ZaCanna take pride in our establishment and the journey that each product goes through from manufacturing to delivery, aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and building a trusted brand. Although we have been in the industry for many years and are established internationally, the recent legalization of CBD in the UK allowed us to expand to local markets. We are confident in the quality of our products and will continue to maintain premium standards. ZaCanna are registered and regulated by the Cannabis trades association. (CTA)

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