CBD Boost (Daily Booster)


CBD BOOST – Enhance’s quality of life , maintaining the body’s own capacity to control a healthy balance.

A complex solution to be used within daily life.

  • Premium full-spectrum CBD Oil  (250mg CBD)
  • Master blended with hemp seed oil to help you enjoy the full range of benefits
  • Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, Non GMO, Premium Grade

Zacanna introduces the “Gold Standard” of full-spectrum CBD Oil, the best solution for those who want the optimum healthy life and wake up their inner resources. Zacanna premium CBD boost is produced from the highest quality industrial hemp cultivated in the South Africa and tested by independent EU third-party laboratories.

Full-spectrum CBD is an extract containing all the compounds, which are found naturally occurring in the plant. These include over one hundred cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids with added Amino acids Magnesium and hydrogen peroxides of C6 potency.

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How to use BOOST CBD Oil 250mg

Our Boost CBD 250mg  has a great dose of CBD to help improve your everyday wellness. Boost acts as a kick-starter to the endocannabinoid system, giving a baseline level of CBD. Boost is the lowest CBD concentrated tincture in our oil line and is a great starting point in understanding dosing with CBD. This tincture could be optimal for micro-dosing (smaller doses more frequently) throughout the day to help with various elements. Boost is administered sublingually and saturated into the bloodstream for the most effective results. The CBD boost 250mg is also great to be used in smoothie infusions or other natural raw recipes such as salads to assist with digestion – we encourage you to visit our learn page for recipes on cooking with CBD*! Everyone saturates the CBD molecule differently, so it is important to experiment with your dosing when using the tincture for the first time. There is no standard dosing implemented by governing laws for CBD oil, but a great start of dosing to this tincture would be 1.0ml daily. One of the original tinctures of the collection, Boost never seems to disappoint and always ends up being the go-to for consumers who are just being introduced to CBD.

BOOST CBD Oil 250mg

Boost CBD oil 250mg tincture is a light dose of CBD to add to your daily self-care routine. A great ‘introductory’ into the world of CBD, Boost is made with high-grade carrier oils and hemp-derived CBD. Boost is not only effective when consumed sublingually but could be infused with any of your favourite skin care products for optimal hydration! Don’t forget to even try this oil tincture in some of your favourite raw recipes such as guacamole! The name says it all, Boost is an overall body booster! Boost is also helpful to use post-workout and has numerous benefits for the body once you have exercised. Whether taking it with you on-the-go or a part of your morning supplement regime, boost is a great pick-me-up with numerous benefits. Using a CBD oil 250mg tincture helps with the maintenance of overall health by keeping your body systems in a balanced state. Bringing your body to a balanced state, helps you stay in tune to keep up with the daily hustle bustle. Some rely on boost as a pick-me-up throughout the day aside from their use of our Restore or Repair capsules. You can always use both our CBD oils and capsules together to give you longer lasting relief. If you were originally taking a higher dose of CBD and feel like you should reduce your dose, just for maintenance, Boost would be the dose to choose!

Recommended daily usage: 3 drops under the tongue, 2-3 times daily.

Do not take this product if you are pregnant, lactating, or likely to become pregnant except on the advise of a doctor or antenatal clinic.

Cannabinoids, hydrogen peroxide- C6 potency, Magnesium- C6 potency, Amino Acid Complex- D4 potency, Citric Acid. ALCOHOL FREE, VEGAN FRIENDLY.


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About ZaCanna

ZaCanna is a partnership that brings together experts in the areas of tissue culture, commercial agriculture and regulatory compliance, using the best cultivators and process for manufacturing premium hemp and cannabis products. We at ZaCanna take pride in our establishment and the journey that each product goes through from manufacturing to delivery, aiming to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and building a trusted brand. Although we have been in the industry for many years and are established internationally, the recent legalization of CBD in the UK allowed us to expand to local markets. We are confident in the quality of our products and will continue to maintain premium standards. ZaCanna are registered and regulated by the Cannabis trades association. (CTA)

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