Gordon Von Mitzinger

Gordon Von Mitzinger

SeedZ Head Horticulturist

(i) The creation of a unit that delivers a unique nano molecular feed (NMF) as a foliar application for plants to significantly boost yields e.g by 100% for tomatoes, and 167% for legumes, at about 10% of the ongoing costs of regular root fertigation for the elements delivered.

By invitation from the Chinese Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau of Hebei Province, China, the results of this technology were presented at an International Science and Technology Seminar technology 18-20 July 2016.

The offer to purchase this technology was  made by Hebei Woxin Biotechnology Co Ltd and also by the Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.

(ii) The completed development of nutraceutical products:

High potency dewaxed Bee Propolis tinctures and balms.

Chili essence extracted from a cultivar of the Guinness world record holder of the highest capsaicin containing chili; taken per mouth for an array of ailments

Currently interested in totipotency of cells for use in agritechnology : now Licensed in South Africa to run research and development for medicinal Cannabis. Currently upgrading laboratory with the focus on tissue culture of Cannabis. to produce large numbers of clones.



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