Maxwell Stephen Irving

Maxwell Stephen Irving

Born: 1951

Status: Married for 45 years, 2 sons living in UK

1996 – 2005 together with a few doyens of the world tobacco industry (former clients) developed a tobacco manufacturing group with cigarette factory in Holland producing the world’s most expensive cigarettes, with factory in Dominican Republic making the world’s most expensive cigars. Was marketing into 46 countries. Formed the company into a PLC group, Chancellor Tobacco PLC, and sold the group in 2005 to our Russian Distributor. Check out the website

2006 – 2008 formed a brand consultancy company, Irving Dixon Associates Ltd, together with colleague from Chancellor, and consulted to major cigarette producers such as Gallaher, Imperial, JTI (Japan Tobacco International) on brand designs and brand-building. Started getting homesick for South Africa.

2008 – 2019:

My wife and I moved back to RSA, as sons had grown up and living in the UK. Dabbled in commodity trading, then decided to go back to core competency, being transport and shipping logistics, and minerals trading – traded under the name Tradiak Logistics (Pty) Ltd with chosen old staff and offices in Durban and Harare and Lusaka and agents throughout southern Africa. Focussed on ores and minerals (export) and fertilizers (imports).

February 2019:

Moved back to UK as younger son, who has Aspergers Syndrome, fell seriously ill at our UK home in October 2018 and my wife could not return. Re-joined Chancellor Tobacco as MD, focussed on re-building world markets lost to the Company in the preceding 14 years under the ownership of the person to whom we sold the Company in 2005. Also appointed MD of group company Honeyrose Ltd, 109 year old producer of herbal cigarettes, which was bought by same owner in 2005 to establish a UK-based factory.

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